Buying Better and Inspiring Change

We are in a service first, digitally driven world where the products that we buy need to be more inspiring than ever and sustainability is just smart business. Increasingly, people only want to buy from those who make it easy, make it fun, care about where their products come from and how they are made, and understands how they like to shop.

At Selfridges Group, we seek to lead the way as a responsible retailer and trusted curator of brands. We have started this journey, and we want to take everyone with us.

Our stores have a long history of making a positive social and environmental contribution and we will continue to play our part in creating a sustainable future as we face the new challenges of the future. We are a family business, and as such, we know that we all have a stake in that future, and a responsibility to do everything we can to secure it for everyone. We take a long view which is about investing in the future and a way of working which is guided by our internal moral compass and values.

We put sustainability at the heart of our business through our 5 priority areas:

  • BUILD: extraordinary, efficient buildings
  • BUY: source responsibly and ethically
  • WORK: engage and inspire action through sustainability
  • SHIP: low environmental impact delivery
  • SELL: engage and inspire positive action creating more sustainable lifestyles

Click the following links to find out more about each business’s initiatives:.



We believe that together, through our daily actions, we can create a more sustainable future for people and the planet. That’s why we’re committed to buying better and inspiring change, so you can do the same.

Here you can find out all about what we have achieved so far and our ambitious aims for the future.



Commissioned to celebrate Selfridges' Buying Better / Inspiring Change journey, this animation – created in collaboration with Strange Beast directors Anna Ginsburg and Hannah Jacobs – explores what sustainability means to Selfridges and its team members, and everything they’ve achieved so far.

Modern Slavery & Human Rights

As a family-owned, values-led group of businesses, Modern Slavery in all its forms goes against everything we stand for, and is an issue we take very seriously.

All of our businesses publish their Ethical Trade Requirements, which require suppliers to meet set core social and environmental principles.

Further information about our activities can be found in the Selfridges Modern Slavery Statement.