"Out of the global pandemic has come an understanding of how fragile and complex our systems are, but also how our planet and people can benefit if we act collectively with a shared purpose. Now more than ever we must double down on our efforts to reinvent retail with sustainability at its heart"
Alannah Weston → Selfridges Group Chairman

Episode 1: making change happen with Paul Polman
What does it take to be a sustainable leader?
In this episode, Alannah speaks with Paul Polman, former CEO of Unilever. Early in his tenure, Paul realised that capitalism as it was being practised did not meet the challenges of today. In 2010 he launched Unilever’s audacious Sustainable Living Plan, designed to decouple growth from their environmental footprint while increasing positive social impact. Widely hailed as a game changer, Unilever under Paul’s leadership proved that sustainable businesses are the future. Here, we hear about how Paul brought about these changes and how they continue to benefit both the business and our planet.


Episode 2: Leading Tomorrow With Clover Hogan
How can we mobilise mindsets to turn anxiety about the climate crisis into action?
In this episode Alannah speaks with activist Clover Hogan, the 21-year-old founder of ‘Force of Nature’ – a youth-led organisation empowering Gen Z to step up, rather than shut down in the face of the climate crisis. Clover has passionately highlighted one of the hidden side effects of the climate crisis, the rise in eco anxiety. At age 16, as she was lobbying decision-makers at the Paris climate meeting, she realised that the threat greater even than climate change was the universal feeling of powerlessness in the face of it. Clover shares her remarkable journey with Alannah, and speaks about her mission to wake business leaders up, and inspire them to take action.


Episode 3: Green Swans with John Elkington
How can business leaders deliver us from COVID-19 into a more sustainable society?
In this episode, Alannah speaks with John Elkington, author of Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism and the bestselling The Green Consumer Guide. As a world authority on corporate responsibility, John works closely with governments and business leaders to achieve transformational change. Here, he shares his compelling thoughts on the kind of leadership we’ll need for businesses to be resilient in the face of climate chang


Episode 4: Investing In The Future with David Blood
What if investing in the planet could make you money?
In this episode, Alannah sits down with one of the leaders in sustainable investing, David Blood. In 2004 David co-founded Generation Investment Management alongside former US Vice President Al Gore. David has helped shift the dial towards long-term sustainable investing, not merely because it’s the ethical thing to do, but because it has an undeniably robust business case. Hear David discuss his vision for how businesses and governments might tackle issues of equality, poverty, social justice and climate change.


Episode 5: The Importance Of Purpose Driven Businesses with Rebecca Henderson
How can purpose driven businesses pave the way for opportunity in the new green economy?
In this episode Alannah speaks with acclaimed scholar and Harvard Business School professor Rebecca Henderson. Rebecca is one of the world’s most influential scholars focused on driving large-scale change. Her research explores purpose-driven capitalism and the ways in which the private sector can help build a more sustainable economy. Rebecca’s latest book, Reimagining Capitalism: How Business Can Save the World, lays out a pragmatic roadmap on how business can help catalyse the systemic change we need to build an economy that works for everyone. Rebecca talks to Alannah about how to marry purpose with clarity of strategy, the importance of redefining growth to include measures of wellbeing and offers insight into why business leaders find transformational change so difficult.


Episode 6: Finding hope and optimism with christina figueres
In a moment of profound despair about the environment, how can we cultivate hope that our generation has the opportunity to shape a green future? 
In this episode, Alannah speaks with Christiana Figueres, the internationally recognised climate change negotiator and campaigner. In 2015, she spearheaded the Paris Agreement which saw nearly every country in the world commit to reducing emissions and move towards a sustainable economy. She speaks to Alannah about how she is both outraged and optimistic about what is arguably the most consequential moment in human history, and how business leaders urgently need to chart their path to halving emissions.


Episode 7: Cultivating inclusive agency with zamzam ibrahim
How can we expect the leaders of the future to tackle the complex issues we face with an education system trapped in the mindset of the past?
In this episode, Alannah speaks with activist and student politician, Zamzam Ibrahim. Zamzam is the former President of the National Union of Students and currently serves as the President of the charity ‘Students Organising for Sustainability’, which was created by the NUS in response to the climate and ecological crisis. Her campaigns have highlighted that the climate crisis is deeply intertwined with issues of social justice and inequality. And that what is needed, is a fundamental shift in the education system, to give young people the tools and agency they need to fight for a greener, fairer future.


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