The world is changing – rapidly. We are living in one of the most consequential times in living memory and no one can be sure what the future will bring. But we do know that we can meet the challenges and opportunities on the horizon with optimism and agility, and that together we can create a future for retail that is good for people and the planet.  

In September 2022, future thinkers from across Selfridges Group came together to dream the department store of the future. Mapping the Future took place over three days in London, with Selfridges Group delegates from England, Ireland and The Netherlands exchanging ideas with writers, scholars, scientists, Buddhist nuns and business strategists to think differently about the future – to dream a new model and mindset for the retail industry that is boldly creative and radically sustainable. 

The ideas explored during those three days shook the very foundations of what a business could be, and what the department store of the future could look like. To continue the creative thinking that began over those three days in September,  Selfridges Group will be publishing work from festival contributors and future thinkers to create a space of bold imagining about the future. Over the next few months we will be posting audio pieces, essays, animations and films that harness the power of bold creativity and collective thinking, and that propose new models and mindsets for the future we want to create.