We do this in a way that respects our world, builds trust and values creativity and innovation in everything we do. These values guide all our decisions. Selfridges Group is both global and local; that is our strength and the source of our success. We combine the collective power of the Group with the rich, targeted knowledge of our customers and teams across the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. That makes us distinctive in our world.

We put our customers and teams at the heart of everything we do. They care deeply about the environment and we share their high standards. That is why sustainability is central to our ambition to reinvent retail, through the materials we sell, the business models we use and exploring different mindsets. We believe the future lies in combining creativity and sustainability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


SG Vision and Purpose

Selfridges Group vision & purpose

Our vision is to reinvent retail and our purpose is to imagine and create a sustainable future for our customers.

SG Sustainability

We will reinvent retail for a better future for people & planet

Our sustainability commitments underpin our ambitions to change the way we shop for the future and to change the way we do business. By placing our customer at the heart of our business and through the driving forces of our destinations, products, people, and experiences, and with our community of team members, brand partners and customers, together we can imagine and create a sustainable future for retail alongside profitable business that respects people and planet.

SG Customer Experiences

We respect our customers & we own experience

Everything we do is for our customers. We have a relationship with them that is built on trust. They see us as friends who understand their needs and desires. Whether physical or digital, our destinations, campaigns and projects lead the way in experimental and experiential retail, giving customers a reason to visit again and again.

SG People

We nurture our people

We believe that every team member should have a meaningful career. That is why we foster a culture that values adventurousness, learning and purpose for the brightest and the best.

SG Product

We are curators

Our breadth of product is key to the dynamic sense of energy that is found in our stores. Whether it is something special or every-day we find extraordinary products that inspire our customers and are respectful for both people and planet.

SG Destinations

We are not just shops

We create social spaces that are an essential part of the communities they inhabit where everyone is welcome.

Our Values

We Build Trust

Openness is the foundation of an ethical and inclusive community. Selfridges Group are transparent in the way we communicate with our people, and in the way we communicate with the world. We are committed to learning, to growing, and to continuously doing better.

We Respect Our World

Our commitment is to people and planet. We all must rigorously assess the impact of every project and every action, and ask if we are actively contributing to a sustainable future.

We Value Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the heart of our organisation, and is expressed in every role, campaign, project and destination. Selfridges Group operates flexibly, giving our people the freedom to engage their curiosity, express their imagination and allow their innovative drive to flourish.